Overview of the Slot Game Bounty Belles

In many people’s minds, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of the Wild West is a weathered cowboy riding into town on his faithful steed, ready to shoot up anyone who spills moonshine on his boots at the bar. iSoftBet’s slot Bounty Belles flips this stereotype on its head by including not one but three female cowboys, as well as Wild Bounties, Most Wanted Bounties, free spins, and multipliers.

The starring females may be refreshingly different, but the game’s scenario is very typical. The bar is flanked by canyons and cacti, and the sun is setting, pouring purple hues across the 5-reel, 243-win-way grid. Isolation and subject matter create an atmosphere reminiscent of Steinbeck’s East of Eden in Salinas, yet nothing as sinister occurs here. A standard Western score plonks along in the background to complement the generic visuals. Despite being a little generic, the images and soundtrack manage to create a nice Western feel, making it pleasurable to immerse oneself in the game to find out what happens next.

Bounty Belles may be played on any device, and the regular iSoftBet betting range of 20 p/c to £/€20 per spin is available. The game’s visuals may be exaggerated, but the underlying arithmetic concept is rather sophisticated and may yield huge payouts. Also common are hits; they occur in precisely 32.61% of instances on average. With a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95.99%, Bounty Belles is a reasonably reliable slot machine.

In addition to the 243 chances to win described above, the game may provide as many as 1,125 ways to win at once when certain features are activated. Any combination of three or more identical symbols from the first reel to the last, left to right, pays out. Western-style 10s and Aces are the first symbols, followed by Stetsons and horseshoes and a safe and crossed revolvers. Payouts for a full house range from 3.75 times to 10 times your initial wager when you have five premiums of a kind. Finally, a sheriff’s badge acts as a wild, substituting for all other symbols (save the bonus symbol) to complete winning combinations. It’s also essential to one of the upcoming topics.

Features of Bounty Belles Slot Machine

Wild Bounty Mode is activated when wild symbols occur on reels 1 and 2. Here, rows 3–5 can increase by up to 2 total. During Bounty Mode, the three character symbols (the bounty symbols) on reels 3, 4, or 5 award the indicated prizes. Prizes might range from 2x to 8x the wager in cash, or from 30x to 50x or 100x the wager in the case of the Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpots. These last three are unique to the fifth and final reel.

Bounty Belles is not necessarily a game you play for huge payouts, but free spins might turn out well. Scatter symbols (1, 2, 3, or 5) trigger 10, 12, or 15 free games, respectively. Free spins may be retriggered once, and there’s a chance Wild Bounty Mode will occur at any time.

In addition, the Deadman’s Draw is a potential bonus during free games. A deck of cards is handed at random, then shot down one by one until just one card remains. The next winning spin will have its multiplier increased by the amount shown on this card.

The Final Say on Bounty Belles Slots

It’s refreshing to see iSoftBet, a traditionally male-dominated industry, make like Ocean’s 8 and cast an all-female ensemble. That isn’t something commonly seen in Western slot machines. There may be one token girl on the cast list, but an all-star cast of women gunslingers is unusual. It’s great that iSoftBet is making an effort to diversify its workforce. They did well to avoid the trappings of the stereotypical female-led video game, which include busty wenches flashing their cleavage at every opportunity. The switch has no effect on the game itself, but it shows some wokeness on their side. If the three ladies had been partnered with a gigantic game that tore some players to tears while ripping the chaps off of others, it would have been even better. Gender equality takes time, I guess.

Bounty Belles has the benefit of being a well-made slot machine. It has a good aesthetic, smooth transitions into free spins, an added dose of femininity thanks to the commentary, and an appropriate country soundtrack. All of this makes Bounty Belles a good Western-themed slot, but it’s not a must-play for anybody who isn’t already a fan. Besides the three female characters, the only truly novel features are the expanding reels in Wild Bounty Mode and Deadman’s Draw. While it’s undeniably exhilarating to land not one, but two Grand jackpot symbols, their payouts are typically not as large as the upbeat music following free plays would lead one to believe. Like someone pulled triggers and commanded the band to play faster, that’s how fast they are. There is a maximum possible payout of 10,877 times the initial investment.

Bounty Belles, in conclusion, was a fun demo to play and had a few interesting features. Although it came across as too fluffy, it was enjoyable, low-key cowgirl gameplay all the same. However, Bounty Belles falls short of becoming a massive Western-themed slot that ordinary gamers will be lined up to crack if they are truly into the concept, or maybe lady power.